1. Why learning French?

Learn French because it opens up your mind to a new language and culture. Not only will you be able to communicate with more people you’ll be able to receive more jobs and opportunities. To be able to read and comprehend more resources then if you were to just know English.

2. What are the advantages to learn French in regular life? (future)

Getting more credentials for jobs and being able to communicate with a Canadian who does not speak English. Also, a funnier thing is you won’t have to turn things to the opposite side at the grocery store if the French side is showing, you will understand. Even if you’re cooking sometimes the English instructions get destroyed so you might as well read and cook in French.

3. What’s the advantage of tutoring in a daily day school?

When I was in school, we were just taught the basics of grammar and vocabulary. It is left up to the student to dive further into French and learn more as you go. Tutoring will increase test scores of students and give them more confidence in the language and their vocal French. You learn in an open environment where all you need to do is ask for help without being afraid of what your friends at school may think. It is also more one on one something most kids rarely get in the classroom. Unless you are struggling a teacher won’t help you. They have to focus on the kids further behind. We help even if someone is doing great because we strive for excellence.

4. How tutoring can help a French immersion student?

French immersion students are generally not the most advanced in grammar. Since we speak English as our primary language it is a lot harder to understand French compared to someone who is a native French speaker. French is also spoken in many different ways and different people structure their sentences differently. It is always good to have a second person advising you to do better.

5. why take tutoring with Frenchetvoila? How do you think Frenchetvoila is helping French immersion Student?

Frenchetvoila are very approachable and friendly. We tutor and help no matter what level you are. We will support you in you’re learning accomplishments and help you work on what you find yourself finding behind on. We are a safe environment with the only goal to make you better.

6. What do you like about Frenchetvoila?

I like how the tutors never have more then 3 students at a time. The one on one is really what kids are missing in schools. We focus on you and don’t compare you to the other students. Your level is your level and you should not have to advance on if you don’t understand something. It is at your own pace not like a classroom.