The FrenchEtVoila Approach is based on 3 processes

Step 1.


Reserve your spot by sending a $35 refundable deposit which will be returned upon registration & first payment received. We will contact you within 48-72 hours to let you know if we have a class available and when our new intake dates will be.  Payment can be made via e-transfer, or Paypal to:  frenchetvoila@gmail.com

You can check the schedule of fall classes here. 

Step 2.


When we have the date of our first class we will contact you to book a free assessment with us.  Based on the assessment and the grade level, we will assign students to the appropriate group based on the student’s learning style, academic strengths and weaknesses, availability, and personality within 48 hours. You will receive your schedule and all other requirements to get started.

Step 3.


FrenchEtVoila closely tracks the student’s academic progress against the set goals to ensure the student is getting the right support he or she needs every step of the way.

Please keep in mind:

Programs may be canceled or combined due to low registration 1 week prior to the program’s start date.

Group sessions will only run if there is a minimum of 2 students enrolled. If you are the first enrollee, you need to give us 1 week to wait for another one.

If after 2 weeks:

1. A new enrollee comes – we will schedule your session and notify you of the exact date.
2. No new enrollee – you have the option to enroll in a one-on-one session instead and/or wait a few more weeks for a new student to join the session.