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FrenchEtVoila proudly offers a comprehensive suite of services, including translation services, French tutoring, and conversational support, catering to individuals of all ages and corporate businesses. Additionally, we provide math tutoring in both French and English as well as courses in Social Studies and Science for K-12 students.

We are pleased to provide both online and in-person classes, with the added convenience of in-person sessions taking place in Leduc.

This winter, enhance your child’s grades, confidence, and academic performance with our tailored 13-week programs starting the week of March 18! From mastering Math concepts to achieving fluency in French, we offer the perfect curriculum to empower your child’s educational growth.

Currently, some of our classes are full, but we are continuously introducing new classes. Here are the available spots:

  • In-person classes for Math and French, grades K-9
  • Intensive Mental Math Clinic Classes for grades K-9
  • Math prep SAT / ACT / GRE / GMAT / GED / PSAT- Pat -Eqao
  • 1:1 Sessions for French, Math, Science & Social Studies, grades K-12
  • Online 1:1 Math Tutoring, up to grade 12 in English and French
  • French Conversation Classes
  • Intensive Comprehensive French Reading and Writing Online, grades K-6
  • Individual Tutoring, including prep sessions for Kids + Adult DELF, TCF, TEF, and DALF
  • Business Corporate French Group Tutoring
  • Online 13-week French Beginner Classes
  • Business Translation, and more!

When we have enough students on the waitlist to create a class, we will establish and offer a new class.

To reserve your spot on the waitlist, simply select the program that piques your interest and complete the provided form. Our team will promptly get in touch with you to guide you through the next steps. Don’t miss this chance to embark on your learning journey with FrenchEtVoila! Reserve your spot by sending a $50 refundable deposit, which will be returned upon registration & first payment received.

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Thank you for your interest in FrenchEtVoila! 

FrenchEtVoila offers translation services, French tutoring, and French conversation support for all ages, adults, and businesses. We also offer math tutoring in French and English for all ages.


At this time, we are only offering Group Classes and One-on-one Classes for French tutoring, French conversation support, math classes for grades K-12, businesses, and translation services. Many of our classes are full, but we are continually adding new classes. The waiting list for the Fall 2023 Tutoring program is now open.

Group sessions will only run if there is a minimum of 2 students enrolled. If you are the first enrollee, you need to give us 1 week to wait for another one.

If after a week:

  1. A new enrollee comes – we will schedule your session and notify you of the exact date.
  2. No new enrollee – you have the option to enroll in a one-on-one session instead and/or wait a few more weeks for a new student to join the session.

You can check the schedule here.

When we have enough students on the waitlist to fill a class, we will create and offer a new class.  To reserve your spot, there is a $35 refundable deposit which will be returned upon registration & first payment received

Please complete the form below to be placed on the waitlist, and send a $35 refundable deposit to frenchetvoila@gmail.com to reserve your spot

We will contact you as soon as a new class has been added on a first-registered, first-served basis.  

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