Did you know?


French is a world language!

Being able to communicate well in both French and English languages gives you a competitive edge over people who speak only one language in Canada and Worldwide.

Frenchetvoila echo the France Diplomatie with regards to the Top 10 reasons for learning French:

French is:

  1. A world language: la Francophonie is a network of 75 states and government, of which 32 have French as an official language.
  2. A language for the job market: being bilingual increases your opportunities in your job search…and guess what! You get even pay more!
  3. The language of culture
  4. A language of travel
  5. A language for higher education
  6. The other language of international relations
  7. A language that opens up the world
  8. A language that is fun to learn
  9. A language for learning other languages
  10. The language of love and reason

In Canada, it’s a big asset for those interested in running for a federal office!

Curious to know why French is really all mentioned above? Learn more about the 10 Good Reasons for Learning French

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 We offer you a wide-range of classes for all levels from beginning to advanced.We offer the French Basic Courses and also teach the 4 of the 6 levels of French language (A1, A2, B1, B2) stated by The CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference) and we will prep you for the DELF and DALF certificates. DELF and DALF certificates certify your French language skills. If you want to learn more about DELF and DALF certificates please visit Centre International d’Etudes Pédagogiques (CIEP) and the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFRL). We also have specialized classes for students who wish to work on a particular skill or area.

Here is the Common European Framework and Levels of Proficiency from A1 to C2!

A1- beginning French / Basic User

Can understand and use everyday language: greetings, personal details.It will take you between 60-100 hours to complete this level

A2 -Low intermediate French / Basic User

Can understand sentences and survival language: family, shopping, routines.It will take you between 160-240 hours to complete this level

B1 -Intermediate French / Independent user

Can understand the practical language related to Work, school, travel.It will take you between 160-240 hours to complete this level

B2-Upper Intermediate French /Independent user

Can understand conversational language discussion,opinions,spontaneity.It will take you between 560-650 hours to complete this level

C1-Advanced French / Proficient user

Proficient language: complexity, sub-text, near-fluency.It will take you between 810-950 hours to complete this level

C2-Near-Native French / Proficient user

At this point,can understand with ease everything heardor summarize information from spoken and written sources.It will take you between 1060-1200 hours to complete this level


This group is a place designed for French or English-speaking people, the purpose is to use French in a casual setting. This conversation group, will help you to practice and improve your French language skills, and to get more confidence in general communication. It will be the perfect complement to Frenchetvoila Classes. This social meeting, will be a good opportunity to meet people from diverse backgrounds, to chat around a coffee or a tea includes in the price. We will cover topics of news, theme, sports, or your passions. Vocabulary  and Grammar will also be learned.

Come join the fun and learning French with us!

For beginners,We recommend to have Basic French Skills or to have completed our F1 and F2 French class


kids & youth:  Once a month, every  last Thursday ( 6:30pm- 7:30pm)   or Saturday ( 9:30 am– 10:15am)   of the month  ( From September to August)

 Adults:  Twive a month, every second and  last Saturday ( 10:30 am– 12:15pm);( From September to August)

Cost: ( drop-in)  

  • Existing clients( free)
  • kids & youth/20$/60 min
  •  Adults/30$/90 min

Location: Leduc Chamber of commerce