Hello, my name is Tana Angaman and I have a bachelor in Petroleum Engineering from the University of Alberta. I am bilingual (French and English) and have been tutoring grade 3-12 Math and French with FrenchEtVoila for more than 6 months now. At FrenchEtVoila, we all share the same vision “Helping others”. I love passing my knowledge to kids, so I am really enjoying my time as tutor at FrenchEtVoila. The company is very professional in such a way that it provides easy but efficient tools to help students speak French
fluently and improve their Math skills. For us, each student is special that is why the tutoring process is individualized. In other
words, we make sure to address the problems of each student with a specific teaching program. I really hope that the company grows big so that we can help a lot of students here in Alberta or even in Canada.
Thank you ‼‼