Online Summer Program : Reading and Comprehension (From June 28th - August 14th)

Date and time :

Wednesday 5 – 6pm Completed Grade 1 & 3
Wednesday 6 – 7pm Completed Grade 2 & 3
Wednesday 7 – 8pm Completed Grade 4 & 5

Fees: 45 min/$30

FrenchEtVoila’s 7 weeks reading and comprehension
Reading in French is an essential skill for understanding and mastering the language. Our online reading program consists of 45 minutes of one-on-one reading via video conference. Our Reading and comprehension program does not only focus on pronunciation and sound, but it places emphasis on understanding. Students will engage in an interactive reading session online, that will include several questions to assess the understanding of the text that is read. By the end of the session, students will develop an advanced ability to read French text and have discussions that extend beyond the stories.

Online Summer program : Group French Conversation for kids (From June 28th - August 14th)

Date and time:

Monday 5-6pm grade 1 &3 (Beginner)
Monday 6-7pm Grade 1 & 3(Intermediate)
Monday 7-8pm Grade 4 & 8 (Advanced)


45 min/$15

Places are limited and pre-registration is required.

Practice your French speaking during this summer. The Online French Conversation Group is designed for both English and French-speaking students of all ages to practice French through casual conversation. Casual dialogue is one of the best ways to improve your language skills and build your confidence about communicating in French. Whether it is reading, writing, or speaking. It is the perfect tool to complement other Frenchetvoila classes. It is also an opportunity to meet other students from diverse backgrounds and build strong friendships while discussing news, current events and your passion. Come join the fun and learning French with us!