Online French Conversation for Kids & Adult

FrenchEtVoila offers conversation classes Bi weekly Online French Conversation Classes for kids & adults.

Every second Saturday, we will choose a topic and ask students questions related to the topic. Practice your French speaking.

The Online French Conversation Group is designed for both English and French-speaking students of all ages, to practice French through casual conversation.

Casual dialogue is one of the best ways to improve your language skills and build your confidence about communicating in French. Whether reading, writing, or speaking. It is the perfect tool to complement other FrenchEtVoila classes.

It is also an opportunity to meet other students from diverse backgrounds and build strong friendships while discussing news, current events, and your passion. Come join the fun and learn French with us!


$105 for 7 sessions

 2 free sessions per month for Members

 2 to 8 learners per class

Twice a month -Every second Monday ( kids)


Tuesday 5 – 6pm grade 1&3 (Beginner)

Twice a month- Every second Saturday (Kids)

Grade 1- 3  Saturday 10:00- 10:45 am (Intermediate)
Grade 4- 9  Saturday 11:00 -11:45 am (Advanced)

Twice a month- Every second Thursday (Adults)

Adult  Thursday  7pm-7:45pm

Get a sneak peak of our activity during our group sessions.

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Kids sessions

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Adults Sessions