Welcome to FrenchEtVoila!

Welcome to FrenchEtVoila!

How You Can Help Your Kids Succeed Here at FrenchEtVoila

Student Onboarding

This video is designed to walk you through the onboarding email you will receive upon joining FrenchEtVoila. It contains essential instructions about the platforms to use, FrenchEtVoila's guidelines, and other pertinent information that will help navigate your experience during your time with us.

Educational Best Practices

Prior to the class, we kindly request parents to ensure that their children:

1. Have a designated workspace for learning, which should be quiet and well-lit.

2. Prepare necessary materials such as paper, pencils, a notepad, and a calculator, along with any items recommended by the tutor for the session.

For organizing papers, we suggest using Student Toolbox Duotangs. These can be purchased at stores like Staples, Walmart, Dollarama, or other office supply shops. Also, consider using page protectors to keep important lesson materials secure.

3. Sit properly in a chair during the class and refrain from leaving early without the tutor's permission.

4. Complete homework assignments and either send them to the tutor before each class or have them ready to show at the beginning of the class.

We want to stress how vital it is for parents to assist their child with homework. Homework is highly beneficial for students as it allows them to practice and helps tutors gauge their understanding of the subject matter.

5. Ensure the camera is turned on and encourage students to respond to all of the tutor's questions. This enables the tutor to assess the student's grasp of the concepts being taught.

During the class:

Maintaining Classroom Etiquette
We recommend that the parent pops in at least twice to ensure that the student is behaving, sitting still, and participating in the class.

Homework Submission Methods​
Your child can submit homework through the following methods:

1. WhatsApp: Print the homework, and once your child has completed it, take a picture of the work and send it to us via WhatsApp.

2. Google Classroom:

a.) Take photo of the completed homework of a printed material and send it to us via Google Classroom as an attachment; or,

b.) Use Kami, an interactive platform where the student can directly work on the e-copies of their assignments and submit homework via Google Classroom.

Watch these videos on how to use these applications in submitting homeworks.
To guide you in using WhatsApp, here are some YouTube videos that could be helpful for you.

After the class is finished:

1. Check the Google Classroom for feedback and discuss it with your child.

2. Ask your child what he/she learned in the class.

3. Sit down with them when you have time and assist them with their homework.

4. Check their notebook for the sentences they wrote during class, and then ask them to write 5 sentences using new words they learned that day.

Choosing the Right Course Level
We have utilized this guide to determine the suitable level for students enrolled in the Math class.
To provide you with guidance in assisting your child, we've identified several observations from some of our students:

1. Pronunciation and Reading Fluency: Some students struggle with pronunciation and reading fluency. To address this, we will introduce Reading-only classes only. Contact us for more information.

2. Issues with Basic Math Skills and Mental Math: Some students face challenges with basic math skills and mental math. To assist them, we are offering Mental Math classes. Please contact us for more information.

3. Writing Challenges: Our students have encountered difficulties in writing, which include:

a. Learning how to write within the lines, as some tend to write diagonally and use excessive paper.

b. Developing neat handwriting.

c. Constructing sentences effectively. One approach you can implement at home is having your child write 5 sentences as homework, which can be sent to the tutor before the next class.

4. Limited French Vocabulary: Many students have a limited French vocabulary. Since a strong French vocabulary is essential in various subjects, including math and social studies, we offer Conversation classes for Kids.

5. Individual Learning Preferences: We've recognized that group classes may not be suitable for all students, depending on their unique personalities and challenges. If a group class isn't the right fit for your child, we will have a discussion with you about the situation and determine our next steps together.

6. Timetable Printable Template: To support you in maintaining the class schedule, we've prepared a printable timetable template for your convenience. Feel free to print and position it near the student's workspace..

7. Learning Tips: Boost your child's learning and creativity with the tools we provided on our YouTube account. She may try to answer the activities and practice the tasks in the videos.  Please see the attached pdf for the whole playlist you can use and choose to learn from..


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