Hi Tutors!

Our goal is to make every customer happy! One satisfied customer can bring in 10 additional new customers.

To achieve this, we all need to diligently track our tasks each week. Maintaining a high level of service quality is crucial for sustaining our business and supporting our families who depend on it for their livelihoods. THANK YOU.

Maintaining consistency and engagement in virtual tutoring sessions, especially with younger children, can be challenging. Here are some tips to encourage commitment and preparedness from both parents and children.

Know the Team

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This video provides an in-depth overview of the tutor responsibilities. Parts of this are detailed more in the following sections below.
Please take time to review this document thoroughly to familiarize yourself with all the tutor responsibilities and tasks.

Company Holidays

1. Tutor Absence

When you are unavailable due to a trip or other matters, we kindly request a one-month notice, as we have prior commitments to customers. In the case of an emergency absence, please notify us at least 48 hours in advance to avoid receiving a warning.

2. Admin Support

In case of an emergency, you may reach out to Admin VA for support, or you can contact Therese. Here are the Guidelines and Procedures for Queries and Concerns to help you navigate and address any issues or concerns.
Familiarize yourself with our emergency procedure by referring to ADM-001.

3. Tutor Rate

The regular rate for this position ranges from $10 to $18 per hour, with a minimum requirement of 5 hours of availability. We guarantee a minimum of 2 to 5 hours of work per week.

4. Holidays

We do not operate on holidays, and employees are not paid on statutory holidays. Please refer to our website for a list of these holidays.

5. Homework Procedure

Discuss homework preferences with customers, whether they prefer heavy (2-3 pages) or moderate (1 page) assignments. Refer to ADM-002 for more details.

6. Tools

Below is a list of the tools utilized in our online tutoring sessions:

1. Zoom: This platform is used for conducting actual classes. Zoom links for these sessions are pre-assigned and will be shared with both tutors and students. All relevant information is saved in Tutorbird.

Zoom Account Information

We Use 3 Zoom Accounts:

  • Zoom 1: frenchetvoila@gmail.com (Managed by Therese)
  • Zoom 2: ben@frenchetvoila.com (Managed by Ben)
  • Zoom 3: tutors@frenchetvoila.com (Managed by other tutors)

For tutors@frenchetvoila.com, you can log in to Zoom in 2 ways:

  1. Log in using Zoom credentials. Here are the details:
    • Username: tutors@frenchetvoila.com
    • Password: Frenchetvoila1##
  2. Log in through Gmail (ensure you are logged in to your Gmail.com account).

    Gmail Login for tutors@frenchetvoila.com:

    • Username: Tutors@frenchetvoila.com
    • Password: Bonjourmay#

2. Tutorbird: Understand your responsibilities by reviewing the Tutorbird video and tasks, including Maivane's video

3. Google Classroom: Google Classroom serves as the virtual classroom platform where homework is managed and organized. Students can submit their assignments here and share other relevant files.

Ensure all new students are added to your Google Classroom and provide feedback within 48 hours after each class.

To learn how to navigate Google Classroom, check the link below.

4. Feedback Note : Please take a moment to note down student feedback using this format.

5. Kami: Kami is another tool we use; however, please ensure to erase any notes in Kami once you are done. For guidance on using Kami effectively, check out these tutorial videos.

7. Class Preparation

Before starting a class, ensure that your students have the necessary materials:

  • A notebook for taking notes during the classes.
  • A Duotang to organize and store important papers, such as formulas and divisibility rules.

To assist students with retention, encourage them to write down vital information, such as French verbs like "Etre" and "Avoir" and mathematical formulas. You can also upload crucial pages to Google Classroom for easy access:

  1. Upload essential pages that you want them to memorize on Google Classroom so parents can print and add them to the Duotang.
  2. Ask the student to use the notebook to record the date and keep the Duotang handy, which will contain all the important notes you've uploaded to Google Classroom.
  3. Include essential notes such as multiplication tables, divisibility rules, and other important rules.

This approach ensures that students have the tools and resources they need for effective learning and retention.

8. Monthly Tasks and Reports

1.Q&A Sample - Monthly Reminder: A friendly reminder to complete the Q&A tips for parents on the 5th of every month.
2. Lesson Plan Updates: Ensure lesson plans are updated regularly and shared with Therese at frenchetvoila@gmail.com for review.
3. Progression Plan: Submit the progression plan to Therese for review, providing updates every 4 weeks.
4. One-on-One Meetings: Attend monthly one-on-one or group meetings; we will update you on the dates.
5. Task Overview: Record all actions with Frenchetvoila on the task overview for admin tracking.

Below shows how Tutor Task Overview should look like.
6. Quizzes and Tests: As part of your responsibilities, it's essential to evaluate your students' comprehension after teaching a concept. Please adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Administer AR quizzes or assessments once a month.
  • Share the test results with Therese at frenchetvoila@gmail.com.
  • Display the test results on Google Classroom for parents' review.
  • Safeguard the content in the drive for future reference.
  • Ensure the quizzes are conducted on the first day of each month.

These measures help monitor and enhance your students' progress effectively.

7. 3-Month Feedback (conducted every quarter) : Please observe and record the student's overall behavior and improvements to provide parents with a progress report after three months. Please keep a record using the template below.
8. Time of Planning: Allocate time for planning based on the number of classes you have.

You are allotted this equivalent time for performing administrative tasks related to your classes, including lesson plan preparation, test and quiz preparation, updating task overviews, and more. This time will be factored into your compensation.

Number of Classes Duration
1 class 20 mins
2-3 classes 30 mins
4-6 classes 45 mins
7-9 classes 1 hour
10-15 classes 1h 15min
15-20 students 1 hour 30 mins
20-23 students 1 hour 45 mins
7. Parent communication: Promote transparent communication with parents.

Engage in a brief, monthly conversation with a parent to gain insight into their child's school experience:

  • Request feedback and suggestions on improving the tutoring experience for their children..
  • Schedule a 5-minute monthly chat with a parent to stay informed about their child's school experience..
  • Discuss their child's current grade.
  • Seek their thoughts on our services and suggestions for improvement.
  • Record the date, time, and conversation details in your task overview.
  • Share any pertinent information on the student drive and notify the admin.

Effective Communication with Parents

  • Clear Communication: Engage parents in conversations emphasizing the significance of consistency in the learning process. Explain how regular practice and preparedness are fundamental for language acquisition.
  • Engaging Lessons: Create engaging lessons filled with interactive elements such as games, stories, and activities that captivate children's attention, fostering excitement and active participation.
  • Parent Involvement: Encourage parents to actively participate during sessions, particularly with younger children. Their involvement can reinforce learning and ensure sustained engagement.
  • Progress Tracking: Regularly provide updates on children's progress. Sharing the positive impact of tutoring can increase parental commitment to the learning process.
8. Incentives: Explore the possibility of implementing a rewards system for the children as a motivational tool. Small rewards or expressions of praise can have a significant impact on keeping them engaged.

It's important to understand that building commitment and consistency takes time. By establishing a supportive and engaging learning environment, you can nurture a more dedicated approach to virtual tutoring from both parents and children.

9. Referral Program

As part of our referral program, we offer a $30 reward for every student you refer once we have received their initial monthly payment. To participate, please ensure the following:
  1. Let us know the names of the students you are referring.
  2. Encourage the students you refer to inform us that they were referred by you. This helps us keep track of referrals.

Eligibility Criteria:

To qualify for the tutoring credit, the referrer must be a current tutor at FrenchetViola.