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Don’t worry, we’ll translate that for you: I want to learn French! 

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What we do

Frenchetvoila is a privately owned and sophisticated language resource that offers educational tutoring services in French, to both children and adults alike. Our classes and tutoring sessions are primarily one-on-one and small group sizes with specialized focus on Language, Reading, Spelling and Mathematics.

Let’s face it; numbers and letters are critical to effective communication. Consequently, we integrate the use of them both to optimize learning for practical application. At Frenchetvoila, we teach and tutor material for grades K-10 as well as adults. We also have specialized programs to compliment your individual skill level. Whether you are a formal student or you are merely fulfilling your desire to improve your French language skills, we have programs to facilitate your needs at reasonable rates.


Our teaching methods 

Quality and effective teaching is at the core of our education model. We work to ensure that your learning experience translates into positive, material change. For students, thisusually means improved academic performance. For our adult clients, this yields quantitative and qualitative development in conversational French and employment opportunities.

At Frenchetvoila, we champion the one-on-one teaching experience so that our students can feel valued and move at a pace that is most suitable for their learning. We make the learning experience enjoyable by utilizing tools such as phonics, technology, and positive reinforcement to keep our students engaged and motivated. Our students are very receptive to our fun-filled environment and often describe the experience as rewarding.

Why should I register for sessions?

French is among one of the most affluent languages in the world. Broadening your education in this linguistic capacity can only work to enhance your communicative experience. French education is useful for:


  • Students attending French Immersion schools who require tutoring assistance
  • Students transitioning from traditional school to French
  • Students transitioning from traditional school to French
  • Anglophone parents
  • Bi-lingual employment opportunities
  • Bi-lingual employment opportunities

The courses taught at Frenchetvoila French Classes emphasize the intellectual and personal development of our students. Currently FrenchEtVoila offers Basic French courses and tutoring French and  Math. 



Basic courses

Read / Speak / Write
5 levels



Help with Math, French and Science homework



 Develop, revise, and edit your own work


Frenchy Math

Learn Math skills / Improve Math vocabulary in French


My two children have progressed since Mrs thérèse took care of their academic follow-up in French. Thanks a lot to Frenchetvoila French Classes. Mes deux enfants ont progressé depuis que Madame Thérèse s'occupe de leurs suivis académique en français. Merci beaucoup à Frenchetvoila French Classes.
Domi, Leduc
Sept 2018
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Tips to learn french efficiently

Self Studying is NOT for Everybody

Translate French Into English as Little as Possible

Make Your French Examples Close to Your Own World

Group  Related Vocabulary Together

Review – Repetition is the Key!

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